Augmented Reality is the talk of the town, and every other person you meet will go gaga about it. It is one of the avenues blessed by the technology that can help one to a large extent. It will be perfectly right to term it as a huge revolution in the area of teaching as well as education. The conventional methods of teaching are now being taken over by technology-based learning and why not? Technology-Based learning is pretty much convenient for every student because it is a proven fact that the human mind can easily process what is shown in comparison with what is heard. Hence the process of learning has been made easier. Modern students are now getting familiar with the technology, and they find it amazing to learn with the help of technology as it does not really bore them. Augmented Reality which was invented for fun is now entering the education services making sure that every student understands what he studies.

What changes with AR in education industry?

Pretty much everything! Everything changes with the deployment of AR in the education industry. For instance, remember a teacher explaining students about the structure of an atom. To explain the structure of an atom is mostly based on diagrams and imaginations. But with AR a student can play with that atom. A student can better understand how the protons never leave the nucleus and how the electron always revolves in its own orbit or leaves the orbit for chemical reactions. AR is the bridge between what we see in the physical world and what we imagine in the virtual world. Education Augmented Reality Services are now established as a successful business to ensure that every student can understand the concepts in the best possible manner.

Augmented Reality and retail

Augmented Reality in the retail industry is really a thing now. Imagine yourself wanting to buy a pair of footwear, but you cannot visit the store due to the time crunch. If there is no AR technology, you must visit the store and buy footwear, but with AR you’re not required to visit the store physically. If the retailer has an AR app, you can just log in to the app and talk a virtual walk in the store. Got an eye for good footwear, try it virtually! Yes, you can do it; you can select the footwear and put it on virtually. This is the best thing about AR you can just decide whether the footwear will suit you even without trying it.

Most people use AR technology for furniture shopping. If you have found a good sofa and you really want it but you are not sure if suits your visitor’s room then you can just drag and drop it on the screen. In this manner, you will see the same sofa in your drawing room without actually placing it.

To be crisp, AR is now hitting the markets, and it is not some imaginary technology anymore.

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