In a passenger and airline relationship, normally the airline has a higher bargaining power. The passenger seldom finds itself in a position where it gains more advantage than the airline or exerts influence over the fares quoted. A frequent flyer program, however, is an exception. It gives the flyer an opportunity to benefit and this opportunity is offered very kindly by airlines themselves. Competition in the industry is the driving factor behind the introduction of frequent flyer programs. This article is your guide to learning more about these programs if you are unfamiliar with them.

How Do You Join A Frequent Flyer Program

Different airlines have their own frequent flyer programs but the basic steps to join a program are pretty much generic. Visit the airline’s website and fill out an application to join the frequent flyer program. The application typically requires simple information like your name, date of birth, postal address, whether you are part of another loyalty program or not, your credit card details and your phone number. It is commonly believed that only frequent flyers can join a miles program but this is not true. They are open for all. After you have applied, you will receive further instructions on what is required and sooner than you know, you will be benefitting from the rewards of a loyalty program.

What are airline miles?

Airline Miles are pretty much the main aspect of a frequent flyer program. They are basically points you can earn or buy. These miles can then be redeemed on airline tickets, hotels, rental cars, restaurants and even online shopping, depending on the reward scheme of your airline.

How to Get Miles

Earning miles is not as difficult as it seems. Most commonly, miles are earned on an airline ticket. How many miles you get either depends on the price of your air ticket or the distance of your flight. Policies vary airline to airline so it is a good idea to read the specific ones applicable to you. Partner credit card companies also help you earn miles. If you need miles on a short notice, you can even buy them online easily.

Redemption Rewards

The rewards of having frequent flyer miles saved up are immense. Typically, they are redeemable in exchange of discounts on airline tickets, partner hotels, partner rental car companies, partner restaurants and online shopping portals like best buy. Different programs are associated with different partner brands. More popular programs have more options and bigger rewards.

What You Can Do With Unused Miles

Airline Miles do expire so what do you do when they near the expiration date? If you buy more miles, your account comes into motion and the expiration date is moved ahead. This way if you have no use for unused miles, at least they won’t go to waste and can be used at a later time. You can now also sell frequent flyer miles online on multiple forums.


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