Paneer is also known by the name as Cottage cheese which is mostly preferred by north Indian people for cooking. You will come across with couples of paneer recopies that will give you a new experience in taste. Paneer dishes are easily to cook, as can be combined with different vegetable to give different taste.

Types of Paneer Dishes

  • Paneer Butter masala- It is the famous dish which is mostly preferred by the people at family get together or kitty parties. It will give you sweet and spicy taste with excellent and mouth-watering gravy. It is mostly consumed with chapattis and will give you unique taste from different dishes.
  • Palakpaneer- It is also one of the famous dishes in India which is mostly chosen by the people for any kind of occasions. Those who want to know more about preparation process can view palakpaneer recipe in Hindifrom online mode. It will give you step by step process to make this lovely dish within short span of time.
  • Paneertikka masala- This dish is rich and heavy which is mostly preferred by north Indian women at the time of birthday parties and get together. There are different methods of preparation, you can have this recipe boiled, fried and grilled according to the taste of the lovers.
  • Shahipaneer- The term Sahi means “royal”. In other words we can say that it is royal recipe having different sweet taste which is mostly preferred by kids because it is less spice in nature. This dish is evergreen and can be preferred by women in every occasion. This recipe is easy to cook.
  • MatarPaneer – Matar paneer is famous family dish which is mostly preferred by women in every season. This recipe is famous for its creamy curry with peas which will give you unique taste that can be preferred in all groups of people. This dish is mostly prepared at the time of Holi festival.
  • Paneerpasanda-It is also one of the rich recipes loved by every group of people. It is mostly prepared on special occasions which will give unique and different taste. This recipe is famous as panner is fully engraved in curry which makes more delicious and yummy to eat. It is also prepared by taking less time.
  • Chilli Paneer Recipe– This is one of the famous recipes of Chinese which may be taken as starter snack before lunch and dinner. You can have this dish with Chapattis also if you don’t want to eat it alone. It is also loved by kids as it will give them crispy and crunchy experience.

Thus, above all are the famous recipes of paneer which can be prepared easily by taking less time. One of the best parts of above recipes is that it gives unique and different tastes to group that becomes their special choice in any occasion.  Paneer dishes are mostly loved by every group. Surprise your loved ones with these amazing recipes.


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