Emergency lights are one of the most important things that you should keep in your vehicle. It allows any emergency responders to move through the traffic quickly and safely. The most common type of these emergency lights is found in the police vehicles and ambulances. Firefighter vehicles are also equipped with these emergency lights so that they can arrive quickly to the emergency spot surpassing the heavy traffic in the cities. The emergency lights of these vehicles vary from headlight flashers to light bars, which depend on the kind of car it is. Apart from the emergency response vehicles, these emergency lights can be found at tow trucks and other security vehicles as well so that they can alert the public of their presence. Some private cars of VIP’s are also equipped with these emergency lights, but the rules and regulation for the use of emergency lights on private vehicles differ from one country to another.

The various kinds of emergency lights and their usage

The most common type of emergency light on vehicles is the light bars which are mounted on the top of police vehicles. But, they are not limited to that. You can find some modern police cars that are equipped with these emergency lights in the various parts of its vehicles. While some may have dashboard light, some are equipped with lights under the front grill of the cars. There are even headlight flashers available, which can be commonly seen on the highway patrolling cars. They are mainly used by the law enforcement vehicles for pulling over cars and for also alerting citizens of the locality about any emergency.

To maximize their presence in emergency situations, these fire rescue vehicles are also equipped with different Emergency Vehicle Lighting (Reference Link: https://apexwarning.com/ ) Though the most common type of emergency light that is used is the light bars, some of these fire fighter’s vehicle who prefers using their vehicles are equipped with emergency tail light and headlight flashers as well.

The essential components of an emergency vehicle light

The essential component of emergency light is that it should be bright and flashy. So, arrays of 1w or 2w led modules are the main components for building these emergency lights. These modules are connected to a control box. These control boxes are easy to use and can be operated by the manufacturer, installer as well as the users. The feature of these control boxes varies from one to another and is based on the requirements of the users or manufacturers. These operating boxes are manufactured in such a way that each array of the led bulbs can be operated separately and can be turned on and off at different intervals.

With the help of the operating box, the flashing pattern of these lights can also be controlled by the users. For suppose, the flickering of the LED bulbs can be enhanced to almost 20 flashes per second and can be increased depending on the capability of the operation box. The LED bulbs are comprised of different colors of LED bulbs, and each color sequences can be operated separately. Due to the variation of the color and the rapid flickering of the LED bulbs, it helps the emergency vehicles to outshine any other light present in the area. The colored flashing pattern along with the siren helps to alert everybody to an emergency, quickly.

The emergency lights that you will be using should be robust and should be able to sustain the harshest weathers as well. These emergency lights are used in marine vehicles too, where it’s made sure that the lights are corrosion resistant as well as moisture resistant for which polycarbonate casings and bases are used. The benefits of using LED bulbs in emergency light are that they use very less energy as they dissipate very little heat compared to the other kind of bulbs available. While choosing emergency vehicle lighting, make sure that the emergency lights are equipped with features such as chrome deflectors and lenses so the produced light can be enhanced for a greater effect and the intensity of the beams should also be high with lower temperatures.

Benefits of using LED in emergency lights

LED bulbs are more reflective and produce a brighter light than the traditional lights. They consume much less emergency than halogen and incandescent lights. Though the brightness of these LED lights hasn’t reached the light output of fluorescent lamps, with the advancement of technology, the LED bulbs will soon surpass that too. These LED bulbs have a much greater lifespan then these traditional lights. A LED lamp lasts up to 50,000 hours and can’t sustain much harsh use, unlike the traditional bulbs. The components of these LED bulbs are much durable than the fluorescent or any other kind of bulbs.

Moreover, the heat produced by these LED bulbs are too less when being compared to the traditional lights. For which, they are much safer to use, ruling out the possibilities of overheating and causing accidents, and they are free from UV radiations as well.

LEDs are waterproof which makes them the ideal components while building an emergency light for emergency vehicles. They are sustainable to all kind of weathers.

Guide for choosing an emergency vehicle light

As there are various kinds of emergency vehicle lights available, it may be tough selecting the correct one. The main factors to look for while choosing an emergency light for your vehicle are

  • Price: As different light has different functioning capabilities, so the price of these emergency lights varies from one to the other.
  • Function: As there is a wide range of vehicle lights available, the usage of the light also differs. The most common type of emergency light is the top mount bar, which is used in police cars and other emergency vehicles. If needed, on can even opt for headlight and tail light flashing lights.

Emergency lights are one of the most important kinds of equipment for any emergency response vehicle. They are important for alerting pubic and for also moving through traffic quickly. But, the kind of emergency lights you can use depends on the law of your country. So, before you choose an emergency light for your vehicle, make sure that it follows the legal guidelines of your state or country



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