I don’t know about you, but I am really excited about this summer as its time again for another World Cup1 the last one through up some major surprises like the rise of Costa Rica, the abject Failure of England to get out of the group for the first time in years, the end of Spain as a force as its side ages, the total and utter thrashing of the host nation Brazil in the Semis by the eventual overall winners Germany also the first European team to win the competition outside of Europe. This time we are going, with some trepidation, to Russia. What great drama will it bring? Hopefully the England team will be well prepared and been studying their Soccer Drill Videos like the one available at https://www.sportplan.net/drills/Soccer/drills.jsp for example.

One thing it won’t bring usis Italy, the Netherlands or the USA and there is no China either, nor India. The most populous nations of the world are more engaged I other sports but the Chinese are spending vast amounts on there leagues and facilities so it can only be a matter of time before they grace us with there presence again.Some of the big hitters are out, and it is the first time Italy has not qualified in many years. They were one of the original participant in the first world cup, the FA refused to go as it thought the whole thing pointless. The first World cup was in 1930 in Uruguay and it took the Italian team a month to get there by steam ship! That’s commitment. Uruguay won the first of there 2 victories beating Argentina. The USA was third!

This world cup sees some first timers. The impressive Icelanders have finally made it after their incredible success at the Euros in twenty sixteen. They will be looking to build on that success and they will bring along their fans with their infectious Viking chant to the team. Panama will also feature this time around and the country is right behind them and very exited and enthusiastic. Considering the league that they play in the CONCACAF, it is really quite and achievement to be there. Interestingly Iran are here this time, the last time they played was in the same group as the USA but it was a good natured contest marked by a joint team photo. Perhaps the same will happen should they face Saudi Arabia.

Unfortunately, the outside political world may have some effect on the event. The is already some doubt on the nature of how Russia came to get the World Cup and its relations with some of the Nations going is somewhat strained at present. Let’s stay positive and hope for a great competition with the finest football being played.


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