If you are on the way to make any travel plans for yourself then make sure you know about the different Vietnam and Cambodia tours being offered by Viet Bamboo Travel. This is simply because they “know the land”. They are the experts of the Viet area and are truly based on it as well. There are myriads of tours for these destinations that can be toured. You can check the whole list here at Vietnam Cambodia Tours page.

There are highlights of each tour which will make you realize how beautifully splendid this land is. It is truly a piece of cultural heaven for many. Viet is also known to have the best prices to offer. This is because we have been working here and living here for many years now. This has helped us to know the most optimal ways that are light on the pocket. We know a lot of options to travel which is why we choose the cheapest and most convenient way of all. This is also why we guarantee you that you will not find anyone else offering you the package we do.

The trip is so affordable that you can choose according to what suits your budget. You can choose from luxury tours, 4 day tours, 25 day tours, 20 day tours, or whatever you demand. The best part is that we can even devise a separate personalized plan for you too.

There are lots of places to choose from as well. They include the following in the Vietnam and Cambodia Tours category.

  • Vietnam Cambodia Laos
  • Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh
  • Cu Chi tunnels and Mekong Delta
  • Luang Prabang City and Luan Phabang
  • Siem Reap to Saigon and Mekong Delta River
  • Angkorian Temples and Ankor Wat

There are many other exotic features that on can enjoy in these tours. They are given as follows

  • Elephant terraces and playoffs
  • Cultural temple visits
  • Monumental tours
  • Hiking practices and adventures
  • World heritage points
  • Cruising and sea food dining cuisines
  • Cultural village journeys
  • City hotel views

The many highlighted and exceptional features offered through the Viet Bamboo Travel include the following

  • Exclusive dinner and lunch included packages. Sometimes even lunch is provided
  • All entry tickets are already included in the package
  • All domestic tickets and normal ticket is also included in the package
  • Each group has a separate language translator and guide
  • Free pick up and drop from and to the airport
  • Comfortable transitions and convenient transfers from one city to another
  • Free local empty slot days to enjoy the freedom of the city
  • Cruise trip tickets included in package as well

There are a total of more than a two dozen tours that have been personalized according to the region that people want to visit in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. They are also flexible ranging from 8 days to 14, 15, 17, 18, 20, and 25 days’ tours to different places.

While the details are all provided in the above link, you can also contact Viet Bamboo Travel at Vietnam Cambodia Laos Travel to inquire anything you want anytime at all.


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